标题 : PGCC Introduction of Psychological Health Month
日期 : 2021/05/25 -
时间 : 12:00 -
地点 : T5-105
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May 25 is the National College Students' Psychological Health Day, which means "love myself". The topic of this Psychological Health Month is "GRATITUDE" from "Positive Psychology - 24 Character Strengths".We would like to invite you to care and feel grateful for youself.

You are cordially invited to activies about psychological health during May, which is the Psychological Health Month in 2021 in UIC. The activity lists are as follow:

May 12 Lecture: Take the Helm of Happiness--Character Strengths

Speaker: Ms. Hongmei ZHAO, Supervisor of Capital Normal University and Head of Training Work of Institute of Psychology, CAS, Center for Mental Health Application

Venue:Tencent Meeting (ID: 339 280 117)


May 15&22 Emotion Resiliency Workshop

Speaker:Dr. Qiuyuan XIE, Member of the American Psychological Association-Truama Branch, PhD in Social Work Programme (The University of Hong Kong)

May 252020-2021 PGCC Peer Volunteer Service Awarding Ceromony



May 25 Lecture: Examiniation Anxiety

Speaker:Ms. Nianhong GUAN, Associate Professor, the Doctor of Mental Health of the Third Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University

Time:2:00 pm

May 26 ExperienceSharing: Yoga Takes me out of Depression Emotion

Speaker:Ms. Venus, Graduate of UIC

Venue:To be Determined

Time:To be Determined

These details of each activity will be introduct via other e-amails.May, let us put ourselves in touch with a thankful way.

Thank you for your attention and look forward to see you at these activities!

活动地点 T5-105 演讲者