标题 : 【DCC-MAD 展览预告】PhotoNOW: Polaroid In An Instant@MAD
日期 : 2022/05/05 - 2022/05/18
时间 : 00:00 - 23:59
地点 : DCC Building CC-501 1st Floor Lobby
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Polaroid Art:

The color film Polaroid Corporation invented and produced the widest range of instant film. It was introduced in 1948 and was manufactured until 1992. The Polaroid-like nature of “its instant and objectness” could be traced back to the Edwin Land’s inspiration for photographic development and contemporary photography such as Andy Warhol, Ansel Adams, Lucas Samaras, Ellen Carey, David Hockney, Marie Cosindas and more. Deborah Poole (1997), an anthropologist, states that visual images as parts of a comprehensive organization of people, ideas, and objects” (Poole, 1997). Within this organization, the objectness of photographs matters, especially as they move across spatial, social, and cultural boundaries.

About the Exhibition:

This Temporal exhibition is representing the in-class Polaroid pictures (around 200 prints) from “MAD3003 Photography” in UICDCCMAD. The course students experiment the conception Temporality and Nowness from the “Polaroid as image-content as photo-object” (Buse, 2010). Thus, the photography students can eventually portray the internal or the imagined at first glance to the philosophical thoughts. The exhibition will be well illustrated the participating students’ enthusiasm and dynamisms on “Photographic Image” via mutually expressing/ visualizing/ contextualizing their observations, visual experience to creative-conceptual-artistic presentations. During the artistic process, the students need to discover/ document/ develop/ review their individual and artistic style.

This exhibition opens 24-hour/ day and represents the work of art from the students ofMAD3003 Photography Y2 in UICDCCMAD.

活动地点 DCC Building CC-501 1st Floor Lobby 演讲者