标题 : 【DCC-MUS 音乐会预告】End of Semester Concert
日期 : 2021/12/10 - 2021/12/10
时间 : 19:30 - 21:30
地点 : UIC Performance Theater
演讲者 :
语言 :
正文 :

The concert will be performed by the UIC Orchestra and Choir. With two conductors and students' efforts, the orchestra and choir will give a wonderful performance for you. We hope our music can heal you in this cold night, please join us to witness a wonderful artistic feast.

The choir will perform five pieces by Dvorak and Jin Chengzhi. And the orchestra will play works, which are Holst and Shostakovich to Haydn and Bizet. The concert will take you on a time travel and it will be an artistic journey and a wonderful evening.

活动地点 UIC Performance Theater 演讲者