标题 : 【DCC-MAD 活动预告】绘花 种花 德雅花绽放
日期 : 2022/05/09 - 2022/05/11
时间 : 08:00 - 17:00
地点 : V16 Moral Education Hall (MEH)/ 德雅苑
演讲者 :
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Let Us Paint

ME Hall-Blossom-Now// 绘花种花德雅花绽放 is a featured event of Moral Education Hall (德雅苑/ MEH) that is organized by Division of Culture and Creativity/ Media Arts and Design (MAD) and Student Affairs Office (SAO). The theme is about“Blossom-Now”or“Flowers”that signifies as an ICON for natural beauty & appreciation, and most popular theme for artistic creation such as Vincent van GoghSunflowers (1887),Andy WarholFlower Series (1964),etc.,ME Hall-Blossom-Now is one of artistic activities to facilitate/ to nourish/ to promote active-participation and collective-creativity in UIC. ThisTo-Paint-Flowers activity helps the participantsto release their tension, anxiety, imagination, and creativity (Art as Catharsis/ Purification,Aristotle’s Poetics, 335 BC). Finally, ONE creative ME Hall public art space will be established as a collective-artistic icon and cultural state of appreciations.

活动地点 V16 Moral Education Hall (MEH)/ 德雅苑 演讲者